Couples Therapy

Couples therapy, also called marital therapy, couples counseling and marital counseling, can help couples repair “traumas” to their relationship, improve communication and restore the qualities that originally brought the two of you together.  Though many couples come to therapy after an affair has occurred, it’s always better when they start working on their relationship before this happens.  Typically one partner is either more worried or unhappy with part of the relationship than the other, and this person tries to convince the other one to try therapy.  Unfortunately such couples often delay coming in to meet with me until a crisis occurs.

As with individual therapy, couples counseling is a collaborative process that targets the strengths and vulnerabilities of the relationship.  We explore what is and is not working, what has and hasn’t worked in the past.  We focus on how you and your partner can communicate better with each other, so you listen to each other during arguments rather than battle over who can yell louder.

As challenging as it is to start individual counseling, it often seems even more difficult with couples.  If you’re interested in couples therapy, I would encourage you and your partner to contact me to schedule an initial consultation appointment.