Individual Therapy

Individual psychotherapy – – also known as individual counseling, talk therapy or even coaching – -can be extremely useful in helping you to better understand, deal with and change problems that have been occurring at work, school or home, with your peers, friends or family.  The most critical component of good individual therapy (as opposed to bad therapy, using medications only, self-help activities or just hoping for things to improve on their own) is the therapeutic relationship.

Just as the surgeon uses her scalpel, the carpenter uses his hammer and the artist uses her hands, as a psychologist, I use this unique therapeutic relationship to help us both understand you better, appreciate what individual strengths you have, what vulnerabilities might be present, what’s been going really well and what hasn’t.  With this information, we can collaboratively embark upon the interpersonal journey of working through the therapeutic process so you can make more informed decisions in your relationships, gain insights about yourself and others… and feel better emotionally and physically at the same time.

Contact me to schedule an initial consultation appointment so, together, we can start to improve your thoughts, feelings and actions so you can be more productive, feel healthier and be a better person in your relationships.