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  • Forgiveness

    Over the years of doing psychotherapy with individuals and couples I have often observed a thematic trend from patient to patient. Sometimes I get a bunch of calls about relationship problems or several existing patients will bring up similar issues in the same week or even the same day. Lately I have noticed that I […]

  • Legal Lunch with Laura webinar

    Last week I had the pleasure of co-presenting another “Legal Lunch with Laura” webinar with my colleague, Laura Rubenstein of Offit Kurman law firm.  Laura is an employment law attorney and a wonderful speaker.  Our webinar was entitled, Analysis of Common Psychiatric Illnesses and Assessment of Reasonable Accommodations in the Workplace, and we discussed common psychiatric […]

  • Legal Lunch with Laura (and Michael)

    Analysis of Common Psychiatric Illnesses and Assessment of Reasonable Accommodations in the Workplace Join management-side employment attorney Laura L. Rubenstein of Offit Kurman, P.A. and Dr. Michael Heitt of Heitt Clinical & Corporate Consulting, LLC on Tuesday, July 15, 2014 from 12:00 noon-1:00 p.m. as they discuss the most common psychiatric diagnoses and how they […]

  • Michael Heitt invited to deliver the 6th annual Distinguished Workshop Series at APA

    I was invited to deliver the 6th annual Distinguished Workshop Series presentation at the 2014 American Psychological Association’s convention in Washington DC on August 8, 2014. I am incredibly honored (and humbled) to be associated with former DWS presenters including Drs. Judith Beck, Bruce Wampold and Bessel van der Kolk. I will be offering a […]

  • Does Psychotherapy Have an Image Problem?

    There was an interesting OpEd that ran in the New York Times recently about Psychotherapy’s Image Problem.  Though there was a bit of controversy in the piece, the author was essentially saying that in comparison to the deep pockets and amazing marketing of Big Pharma, little psychotherapy hasn’t been able to keep up in the […]

  • Self-advocacy

    A great (but saddening) op-ed piece ran in the NYT recently about the experience of a person who has psychiatric illness receiving inadequate medical care in the emergency room.  The author of the op-ed has bipolar disorder and she detailed multiple experiences of frank discrimination by medical professionals.  She reported that when she sought medical […]

  • Combatting Memory Loss

    A recent story in the Washington Post noted that exercise is far better at helping to prevent and stave off memory loss than dietary supplements such as multivitamins and herbal treatments.  In addition to physical exercise many studies have also demonstrated that engaging in “cognitive exercises” such as crossword and sudoku puzzles can help with […]

  • “Minor” Depression Should Not Go Untreated

    A recent piece In the Washington Post, explained that “minor” depression (which is described as “subsyndromal” depression or an episode that does not fully meet the diagnostic criteria for “major depression” – – the technical term for the diagnosis people are referring to when they talk about “chemical depression” or just “depression” in general) should […]

  • Psychotherapy or Medication?

    Many people wonder which is the better route to take when they are depressed, anxious or otherwise suffering from a psychiatric illness.  I recently came across an interesting article that looked at this topic.  The article, entitled, Psychotherapy Versus Second-Generation Antidepressants in the Treatment of Depression: A Meta-Analysis, was published in 2011 in the Journal […]

  • site launched

    I finally launched my third website,  Nearly a decade ago when I left my full-time position at Johns Hopkins EAP to build up my private practice I created a website,, which covered both my clinical work with psychotherapy patients and my consultative work with companies, judicial systems, attorneys, etc.  A few years later […]