How Therapy Helps

People consider psychotherapy for all different reasons.  Sometimes people are feeling depressed and demoralized or anxious and tense.  Others are struggling with romantic relationships, infidelities or sexual problems.  And some people are dealing with problems at school or work, or they are not getting along well with important people in their lives.

Though psychotherapy, or talk therapy, is surely not a cure-all, it is the treatment of choice for these problems and many others.  Psychotherapy is a structured and science-based practice of engaging in a therapeutic relationship.  Through this unique therapeutic relationship we can collaboratively explore your strengths and vulnerabilities and, together, we can discover new insights into your personality – the way you deal with people and with stress – and behavior.

Some people note an immediate sense of relief just from “venting” to their psychologist, sharing feelings and thoughts that they might have never shared with anyone else.  But the true benefits are much greater than this “lightening of the emotional load.”  In therapy people learn to see the world differently, interact with others differently and care for themselves differently.  Relationships with families, friends and colleagues typically are strengthened.  People gain back energy, improve their sleep and concentration and feel better physically, not just psychologically.

So if you’re feeling on-edge or down in the dumps, like you’re spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere or repeatedly having the same conflicts with important people in your life, you should consider psychotherapy as a way to improve how you’re feeling, how you’re getting along with others and how to be more productive.  Contact us to schedule an initial consultation now.